Curriculum Viate
Research Interests
  1. Masato Shinjo, Yoshimasa Nakamura, Masashi Iwasaki and Koichi Kondo,
    Asymptotic analysis of non-autonomous discrete hungry integrable systems, (submitted)

  2. Masato Shinjo, Tan Wang, Masashi Iwasaki and Yoshimasa Nakamura,
    Condition number reduction in the iterative block cyclic reductions, (submitted)

  3. Masato Shinjo, Masashi Iwasaki, Yoshimasa Nakamura and Koichi Kondo,
    Discrete-time analysis for the integrable discrete Toda equations and the discrete Lotka-Volterra system, (submitted)

  4. Yusuke Nishiyama, Masato Shinjo, Masashi Iwasaki and Koichi Kondo,
    Integrable properties of a variant of the discrete hungry Toda equations and their relationship to eigenpairs of band matrices, in press

  5. Masato Shinjo, Kanae Akaiwa, Masashi Iwasaki and Yoshimasa Nakamura,
    An extended Fibonacci sequence associated with the discrete hungry Lotka-Volterra system,
    International Journal of Biomathematics, 10 (2017), 1750043, DOI:10.1142/S1793524517500437.

  6. Masato Shinjo, Masashi Iwasaki, Akiko Fukuda, Emiko Ishiwata, Yusaku Yamamoto and Yoshimasa Nakamura,
    An asymptotic analysis for an integrable variant of the Lotka-Volterra prey-predator model via a determinant expansion technique,
    Cogent Mathematics, 2 (2015), 1046538, DOI:10.1080/23311835.2015.1046538.

Conferences and Talks
  1. Masato Shinjo, Yoshimasa Nakamura, Masashi Iwasaki and Koichi Kondo
    Non-autonomous discrete hungry integrable systems and asymptotic expansions of their determinant solutions
    The Tenth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory,
    Georgia Center for Continuing Education University of Georgia, Athens GA USA, Mar. 29th, 2017
  2. Masato Shinjo
    On condition numbers of coeffcient matrices in the block cyclic reduction method
    East Asian Core Doctorial Forum on Mathematics 2017, Seoul National University, Seoul Korea, Jan. 9th, 2017
  3. Masato Shinjo
    Comprehensive analysis of the discrete hungry integrable systems via an infinite sequence
    The 3rd China-Japan Joint Workshop on Integrable Systems, Jiyuan International Hotel, Xi'an China, Aug. 20th, 2016
  4. Masato Shinjo
    Solutions to Discrete Hungry Integrable Systems and Their Asymptotic Expansions
    SIAM: East Asian Section Conference 2016, University of Macau, Macau China, Jun. 21th, 2016
  5. Masato Shinjo
    Asymptotic analysis for the discrete hungry Lotka-Volterra system and an associated Fibonacci sequence
    East Asian Core Doctorial Forum on Mathematics 2016, Fudan University, Shanghai China, Jan. 9th, 2016

Education Experience